Happy with the service you get from us? Refer us to your friends or business contacts and read the rewards!

Much of our work comes to us through recommendations from our clients and partners. It’s always great to see satisfied customers who are happy to recommend us, so we’ve created our exclusive Referral Rewards Scheme to say ‘thank you’.

1. Overview

As a valued client, friend or partner, we’re giving you the opportunity to benefit directly from any referrals that you pass onto to us that result in new business, and we’ll reward you with an incentive for every successful referral.

2. How it Works

Referrals are valid for any of our managed IT support & security services, technical projects and IT consultancy services. We’ll then get in touch with you to arrange an introductory meeting with your referral via Teams or Email.

3. How You'll be Rewarded

For any successful referrals, we’ll make payment directly to you or your company, offset it against your account (if you’re a client); or redeem an incentive of your choice as described in section below ‘5. Rewards We Offer’.

4. How to Claim

To claim your referral simply, enter details of your referral on the form below. We’ll then contact your referral to discuss their requirements. Once satisfied and they sign off, we’ll contact you to arrange your reward.

5. Rewards We Offer

• £1,000 off your next invoice.
• £400 cash + £200 gift voucher of your choice.
• £500 cash + £500 to a charity of your choice.
• Upgrade to IT services for 1 year.
• One year access with Coursera x2.

6. Done For You Email

Not sure what to say? No problem! Here’s an email template that will open up in Outlook to help you to quick start to the referral process and get conversations going.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you work out your referral fees?

Referral fees are calculated as follows:

IT Support Contracts

  • IT support referrals will pay 10% of the total contract value for a 12-month agreement. For example, an annual contract worth £12K would pay a one-off fee of £1,200.

Project Work & Consultancy

  • This type of work will pay 5% of the total project value. For example, a project worth £50K would pay a one-off fee of £2.5K.

What if my referral purchases multiple services?

If new clients purchase multiple services, then only one referral fee will apply and will be rewarded for the highest valued service.

How many new business referrals can I send to you?

There’s no limit on the number of referrals you can make.

When will I be rewarded?

Referral fees will be paid on successful sign up of new clients subject to payment of their 1st invoice.

What if they already work with Edge IT?

Referrals will not be accepted for existing Edge IT clients.

Who is responsible for the taxes?

You (the Referrer) are responsible for any tax benefits related to any referral fees received from Edge IT.

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