The Issue with Legacy Applications in a Modern Environment

Everyone has their favourite set of tools – those software products on which we have come to rely to conduct our day-to-day work and run our businesses. But, there comes a time at some point where those applications are deemed to be ‘knocking on a bit’, and have either been superseded with newer or alternative […]

Moving to Cloud – The benefits of Microsoft Azure for Fast-Growth Companies

Whether knowingly or not, businesses of all shapes and sizes have been caught up in the stream of IT services being transitioned to the cloud. From CRM to book keeping software packages, and everything in between, the data and applications on which we rely in the day to day running of our business operations are […]

Securing Microsoft 365 – Security Best Practices For Small Business

You have a vast number of priorities on your plate as a small business owner / manager, the pressure from which has only grown with the chaos and change brought to all of our businesses during 2020; despite this, the security of your data should remain very near the top. Cybercrime is one of the […]

Microsoft Office 365 Migration Guide

An introduction – Achieving work from home greatness With Covid-19 causing carnage to business operations worldwide, organisations have had little choice but to enable a remote workforce at break-neck speed. For what may have originally been considered as a short-term operational challenge; the influence from ongoing factors of lockdowns and social distancing have shown that […]

Workplace 2.0 – Modernise your Environment with 365

Workplace 2.0 is no longer a futuristic concept confined to the innovation section of popular business magazines, but a real, thriving endeavour backed by new digital technologies. It seeks to change the way employees work together in fundamental ways and is needed more than ever, thanks to changes in the labour force and global markets. […]

Email Security Best Practices Guide

A Guide to Email Security Best Practices  We have broken down some of the most important factors and best practices we believe good Email Security to be consisted of. These are (in no particular order): Passwords Platform 2 Factor Authentication Encryption Attachments Phishing Training Outbound Filtering Continuity The rough guide will hopefully help both IT […]

Deploy BitLocker for your Business in the Right Way

Want to protect against accidental loss from an employee leaving a laptop on the train? Data encryption can save the day. BitLocker is a useful add-on to the Windows OS as it helps organizations secure data and save money because they don’t need to invest in special third-party disk encryption software. 3rd Party solutions such as […]

CRM: 5 Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

You are probably very familiar with the selection of customer relationship management (CRM) software available to you, but is your company getting the most out of your CRM? Efficient management of information and data is critical for organizations of all sizes. An organization can generate huge amounts of information on a daily basis, making managing […]

Edge IT awarded Cyber Essentials certification

Press Release The growing threat of cyber-related crime is quickly becoming a major concern for most organisations and business leaders. With regular reports of high-profile businesses falling victim to cyber crime across the globe, it’s the responsibility of every organisations to ensure they adequately protect themselves and their customers. Cyber Essentials is a cyber security certification, […]

6 IT GDPR compliance actions for your business

IT Security is critical, regardless of the size of organisation. it’s estimated that only a quarter of businesses will be ready for GDPR, get one step ahead with our easy to use, quick run-down on actions you can take.. With GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) now less than 3 months away, it is more vital than ever to […]