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Managed Backup & Business Continuity Services


Edge IT offers comprehensive Disaster Recovery planning, Business Continuity and Managed Backup Services.

Managed backup is a robust and safe way to keep your data protected, backed up and stored. With minimal fuss you can have peace of mind, assured in the knowledge that your data is securely protected and easily retrievable should the need arise.

For Disaster Recovery scenarios where you need to get up and running fast, we recommend BCDR (Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery) solutions from market leaders such as Datto so you can continue operating and recover from disasters in minutes not days.

Regardless of the industry or company size, whether you’re a new and upcoming business or an experienced global company; it pays to be prepared.

It is estimated that 43% of companies suffering from a major loss of data without a continuity plan never re-open.

Unfortunately, these disasters happen but with the correct IT Support in place, business loss can be minimised drastically.[/az_column_text]

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Our Customers take advantage of our pro-actively managed & monitored Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions and you can to.

  • Cloud Backup
  • Business Disaster Recovery
  • Continuity
  • Small Business Backup Solutions

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Managed Backup – Quick Overview


  • Solutions to back up data on a file or system basis
  • Monitored running of backups to detect potential errors
  • IT Technicians trained in onsite and remote backup solutions
  • Microsoft small business specialists, trained to provide backup



Managed BCDR – Quick Overview


  • Total data protection
  • Designed for demanding environments where downtime is unacceptable
  • Advanced features including Ransomware Detection, Instant On-site & Off-Site Virtualization, Advanced Screenshot Verification and Infinite Cloud Retention.
  • Extremely fast recovery times 24/7/365


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Remote Backup and Cloud Storage


Having your files safely backed up when faced with these disasters can mean the difference between failure and success. This is where it pays to be prepared.

With your data backed up you can easily retrieve any and all lost data potentially saving your company time and money. After all, as the saying goes “failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” This is why ensuring your business critical data is backed up, safe and securely has to be one of your priorities if you want your business to succeed.

We offer a range of solutions ideal for backing up the data that matters, from individual files to entire drives. If bundled with our support service your backup solution can be monitored to ensure all your backups run and complete successfully.

Our qualified IT technicians have experience with both onsite and remote backup solutions allowing us to cater for whatever needs you may have. Also as Microsoft Small Business Specialists we are well positioned to work with SMEs in the UK.

Whether backing up important files or entire systems, remote backup is the preferred method to ensure your business data remains secure. Your data is uploaded to one of our secure data centres here it is backed up between the other data centres eliminating as many possible points of failure as possible.

If you decided to use one of our cloud storage services, then you will also be able to access your files from any computer in the world through a secure web portal; this uses the latest in cloud technologies.[/az_column_text]


Some of our Clients

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