Cyber Essentials

Gain a Government-backed cyber security accreditation

Prevent 80% of cyber threats & show customers you’re certified

Cyber Essentials is the UK’s government-backed Cyber-Security accreditation scheme. It allows businesses to protect themselves by highlighting and implementing some basic controls. 

Simply undergo either a guided assessment with a member of our team visiting your premises, or perform a self assessment and have a specialist compliance team assess your infrastructure and security issues. After resolving any problems, your certification will be issued.

“Protecting personal data depends on good Cyber-Security and the threats and challenges are getting ever more sophisticated. All too often organisations fail at the basics.

This scheme focuses on the core set of actions that businesses should be taking to protect themselves, their customers, and their brand. Cyber Essentials enables businesses to demonstrate that they are taking action to control the risks.” – Christopher Graham, Information Commissioners Office.

  • Straightforward assessment of your company
  • Fully reviewed by experts in industry
  • Government backed accreditation
  • Prove to clients you are a trusted secure company
  • Government-backed and accredited organisation
  • Identification by Cyber Essentials

    Benefits of Accreditation by Cyber Essentials

    Trusted Body – Cyber Essentials is the UK’s government-backed, industry-supported scheme to help organisations protect themselves against common cyber attacks.

    Experienced Assessors – Our experts will be sure to conduct thorough and technical assessments and suggest advancements that can gain your company the recognition it deserves as a secure trusted business by Cyber Essentials.

    Ahead of The Game – A certification by Cyber Essentials has already become compulsory for some contracts, and this is expected to increase. Get ahead of competitors by gaining an accreditation to put you a step above everyone else.