Deploy BitLocker for your Business in the Right Way

Where to get BitLocker Windows 10 comes with a free, built-in encryption software that you can deploy within your business today. BitLocker Drive Encryption (BDE), or BitLocker, offers volume-level data encryption for data stored on Windows workstations, laptops and servers. BitLocker protects the data when the Windows systems are offline (i.e. when the OS is […]

6 IT GDPR compliance actions for your business

IT Security is critical, regardless of the size of organisation. it’s estimated that only a quarter of businesses will be ready for GDPR, get one step ahead with our easy to use, quick run-down on actions you can take.. With GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) now less than 3 months away, it is more vital than ever to […]

A Business Owners Checklist to GDPR Compliance

You may have heard the Data Protection term GDPR in recent months, but what exactly is the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and why does your business need to know about it? 2018 will see the GDPR come into effect in the UK. Time is running out for business owners to assess their current Data […]