Microsoft Office 365 Training


Pinpoint skill gaps, minimise training time and measure the productivity of your workforce.

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Intelligent Learning & Office 365 Courses for your Organisation.

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Online Office 365 training


We have partnered with Filtered Training, they offer a revolutionary way to train users in Microsoft, Office 365 and business skills. Covering 3 thousand topics, the solution’s patented algorithm only serves you the modules you need to know.

This leads to a 30% saving in training time, and an increase of +16 IQ points per hour of learning. Separated into bite sized chunks means that the training is split up into simple and approachable modules with regular progress checks.

The Microsoft and Business courses have been chosen, written and recorded with the modern-day knowledge worker in mind and cover the skills used on a daily basis by office professionals.

  • Regular webinars and proactive account management
  • Faster and more economical approach
  • Award winning training as featured in Forbes
  • Shorter and engaging bite sized learning


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Business Skills

Diverse as today’s jobs are, a significant core of common skills underpins most roles. Regardless of industry, position or seniority we all spend our time on very similar tasks (in meetings, emailing, working with data). Two-thirds of UK workers say generalist skills such as time management, planning and organisation are required at work.

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Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a staple of the modern workplace and being proficient in programmes like Excel, Word, PowerPoint or Outlook is a prerequisite for knowledge workers. If you’re looking to upskill your staff and increase their proficiency and productivity, our Microsoft training courses will do just that.

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Proving ROI

Proving ROI of training is notoriously difficult but filtered do just this in monthly or quarterly Action, Engagement and Impact (AEI) reports so you can see how the training is impacting your organisation.

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