CRM: 5 Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

You are probably very familiar with the selection of customer relationship management (CRM) software available to you, but is your company getting the most out of your CRM? Efficient management of information and data is critical for organizations of all sizes. An organization can generate huge amounts of information on a daily basis, making managing […]

Protecting Your Company From Malware

There’s no better time to be talking about malware. With the NHS attack earlier this year and the recent rise of the Bad Rabbit virus, malware however big or small, is plaguing many locations of the world. Spreading faster than ever, with more sophisticated variations than ever, the problem is only getting worse. Viruses and […]

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Increased Spreading Of Ransomware!

We all know stolen or weak remote desktop credentials are often used to infect point-of-sale systems with malware, but we are seeing an increase in them being a common distribution method for file-encrypting Ransomware.  What is Ransomware? Ransomware is a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum […]

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5 Ways to Avoid Computer Vision Syndrome

Working with computers for most of your day can be pretty straining on the eyes. Those who stare at their screens for an extended period of time can develop a temporary condition known as computer vision syndrome. People who are affected by computer vision syndrome can experience eye strain, dry eyes, vertigo, double vision, and […]

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XaaS: Not Just another IT Fad

XaaS: Not Just another IT Fad Thanks to advances in technology, modern society has begun to embrace service-based business models rather than ownership-based ones. For instance, instead of buying movies, many people are now streaming them from Netflix, Hulu, or another service provider. The IT industry is going through a similar evolution. In the past, […]

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8 Tips for Preparing your IT Budget

8 Tips for Preparing your IT Budget While some small businesses do not bother with budgets, they can be quite useful. Besides helping you manage costs, a budget can highlight areas where you might need to invest more resources. It can also keep you on track in meeting your financial goals. Here are eight tips […]

How to Optimize your Virtual Network

Just a decade ago, server virtualization emerged onto the IT scene, changing the way organizations think about – and use – server hardware. With server virtualization, you basically have multiple “virtual” servers running on a single physical server. This consolidation results in a much higher utilization of physical servers, which can reduce costs required to […]

Keyboard Shortcuts

Mac Hack! 10 Keyboard Shortcuts for OS X

Keyboard shortcuts can save you a lot of time when you know how to use them efficiently. For all the Mac users out there, here are some of the most useful keyboard shortcuts to help you out with your day-to-day tasks: Command+Option+Control+Media Eject (⏏) Power down your Mac with the “Command+Option+Control+Media Eject” shortcut. Have unsaved […]

Top 5 IT Security Best Practices

The medical, legal, and accounting industries are well known for taking the privacy of their clients seriously. However, this issue is important for nearly every type of business. In light of several recent cyber attacks, IT security has been highlighted as a vital component of any successful organisation. With that in mind, here are several […]