Making the Business Case for Virtualisation

Challenging economic times push businesses to look for more efficient ways of doing things, even if these new ways include risks and learning curves. Adopting virtualization is one way companies are evolving to become more efficient, and thus, stay ahead of the competition. However, as with any new IT initiative, often managers find they need […]

The Politics of Cloud Computing

When companies adopt a cloud computing solution, problems are sure to arise. For example, many technical and economic issues can create headaches for IT managers. One problem many companies do not foresee, however, is the internal strife that can arise when transitioning to the cloud. This strife can create internal politics in your organization, which […]

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3 Signs That Your Company Needs a Managed Service Provider

Many companies find themselves juggling IT problems along with their typical day-to-day responsibilities. Outsourcing IT work to a managed service provider (MSP) lets a company excel at what it does best. Here are some signs that your business should look into hiring an MSP. 1. You don’t have dedicated IT staff. Small companies often rely […]

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8 Tips for Preparing your IT Budget

8 Tips for Preparing your IT Budget While some small businesses do not bother with budgets, they can be quite useful. Besides helping you manage costs, a budget can highlight areas where you might need to invest more resources. It can also keep you on track in meeting your financial goals. Here are eight tips […]

How Managed IT Services Can Help Your Business

What properly managed IT services should do for your business You’ve done the research, and you know that using managed IT services is the right decision for your organization. So, as you begin exploring different providers, how can you be sure you have chosen the best MSP? Here is a list of six things to […]

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The Pros and Cons of a BYOD Policy

One of the hottest buzzwords in IT over the last several years has been BYOD. This policy, which allows employees to bring their own devices to work and use them as their work computers, has grown to be seen as both a way to cut IT costs and as a morale-boosting perk. And as devices […]

How to Optimize your Virtual Network

Just a decade ago, server virtualization emerged onto the IT scene, changing the way organizations think about – and use – server hardware. With server virtualization, you basically have multiple “virtual” servers running on a single physical server. This consolidation results in a much higher utilization of physical servers, which can reduce costs required to […]

Top 5 IT Security Best Practices

The medical, legal, and accounting industries are well known for taking the privacy of their clients seriously. However, this issue is important for nearly every type of business. In light of several recent cyber attacks, IT security has been highlighted as a vital component of any successful organisation. With that in mind, here are several […]