Microsoft Office 365 Migration Guide

An introduction – Achieving work from home greatness With Covid-19 causing carnage to business operations worldwide, organisations have had little choice but to enable a remote workforce at break-neck speed. For what may have originally been considered as a short-term operational challenge; the influence from ongoing factors of lockdowns and social distancing have shown that […]

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IT Trends to Help You Stay Competitive

Staying ahead of technology trends can keep your business competitive, no matter how quickly the environment changes. Spotting new trends on the horizon – before your competitors do – can help your company develop successful innovations and be the first to bring them to market. This type of Blue Ocean Strategy thinking can give you […]

keeping company network secure

How to Keep Your Company’s Network Secure

How secure is your company’s network? Protecting your information assets is one of the most important steps you can take toward long-term stability. Smart companies take a multifaceted approach to IT security, building layers of defense between themselves and hackers. Here are four steps you can take to safeguard your company’s most important assets. Network […]

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What to Look for When Choosing a Web Hosting Service

Whether you’re looking to create a new website or move an existing one, you’ll want to choose the right web host service. Each web hosting service offers different features. You’ll want to consider bandwidth, databases, programming languages, FTP accounts, and more. The hosting service you choose will not only determine if your site works properly, […]

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Stay Protected Against The NHS Ransomware Cyber-attack

Last week’s global cyber attack saw 150 countries affected by the malicious software, ransomware. The software aptly named ‘Wanna Cry’ locked over 61 institutions in the NHS, and is said to have already gained the hackers the equivalent of £22,000 from the demands. Although the NHS succumbed particularly to the attack, The National Cyber Security […]

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3 Things You Can Do to Ensure Infrastructure Security

No matter how quickly IT security practices progress, security threats often seem to outpace them. Threats are becoming more technically sophisticated and harder to detect. Not only do security attacks result in economic consequences, but they also impact the reliability of critical business infrastructure. As workloads move into the cloud, businesses lose control over who […]

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Thoughts: What Makes Good IT Project Management?

The need for IT Support services is exploding.  As the below statistic shows, the industry will only grow bigger, with more companies investing time and money into IT support services. With the industry expanding, IT management professionals have more pressure than ever to make sure they are delivering. If they don’t, there’s bound to be […]

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4 Ways Managed Hosting Can Benefit Your Company

Benefits Managed hosting is a term that gets thrown around a lot by hosting providers, but few take the time to go through and fully explain what it means or how it benefits your business. Managed hosting, at its core, is outsourcing the technical aspects of taking care of your servers to a third party, […]

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Protecting Your Personal Information Online

The Threat Identity theft and credit card fraud have reached epidemic proportions. You can scarcely go a day without reading a newspaper story about a major company losing thousands of customer records. Hackers use a variety of methods in order to compromise and steal your information. Learn about some common hacking techniques and how to […]

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3 Security Issues to Consider When Using Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi is almost everywhere nowadays. Coffee shops, libraries and even airports have installed hotspots to feed the growing demand for ubiquitous Wi-Fi. While convenient to use, there are hidden security risks you should know about. 1. Packet Sniffing Remember, the Wi-Fi you’re connecting to is shared with others which substantially increases your risk of […]